Rule of thirds photography - How to create impact - part 1

The rule of thirds ....

Every photographer needs to know this as we shall discuss below

So what is the rule of thirds?

Simply put it can be used to create impact in your photos, or even organize your photos in a way that looks much better than randomly clicking it.

Let us look at a picture frame and divide it into 3, horizontally and vertically. you get a grid as shown below. Each of the two vertical lines forms a ratio of your picture frame inrto 1/3rds

All you got to do is place your subject in one of the one 1/3rds and leave the other 2/3rds empty. As shown below, the subject should be kept in the shaded area. However, you can keep the subject in the right 1/3rds of the picture too. This makes the picture impactful as opposed simply keeping it in the centre of the picture

Other benefits include, 2/3rds on the right is basically empty, plain background which can allow you to enter some text such as the plant name etc.

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