Macro photography ideas - handling camera shake

The issue of unintentional camera shake, bugs many of us Macro photographers.

A tripod is definitely a good solution. However, whenever you do not have a tripod, you could still take some good Macro pictures.

Let us see how

Equipment used:

Canon 1200D DSLR

Tokina 100mm f2.8 macro

Manual mode, f5

Time - around 5 pm

Weather - Partly cloudy

Let us see the first picture at an ISO - 100 shutter speed - 1/8th of a second and an f-stop equal to f5. A little bit of wind or your own minor shaking of hands is all that is needed to make the picture blur, like the one below

No tripod
Shaky picture at ISO 100

I did not use a tripod.

Now let me rack up the ISO to 800 in the manual mode with the same f stop - f5, it led to a faster shutter speed of 1/60th of a second compared to the previous setting, and this is what I got.

ISO 800

Way clearer, despite a little bit of camera movement due to handshake.

This is because the higher the ISO, the more the camera sensor becomes sensitive to light, which leads to faster shutter speed. If the shutter speed, is faster the picture would have been taken faster than your camera shake.

Let us see another example:

Increasing the ISO to 3200 in the manual mode with the same f stop - f5, led to a faster shutter speed of 1/250th of a second compared to the previous setting

ISO 3200

Now for the last one ISO 6400, f5 and 1/500th of a second, we have this

ISO 6400

There you go, the picture is noisy. This is the side effect of increasing your ISO beyond certain limits.

No tripod, no problem just increase your iso to a certain limit only

Increasing your ISO, will increase your shutter speed, thereby capturing the picture even before the shake is recorded.

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