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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

In this series of award winning photographs, I would like to show you my ultimate prize that I have always cherished - getting published on yourshot National Geographic. The day was May 14th 2019, and the following picture got published on the Daily Dozen. Unfortunately this website shutdown hurting many photographers.

The story was about my Father, Mr. B.R.Gopinath who has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life. During these days at home, he always thinks about life in the past and how things have changed - some for the better and some for the worse. Any incident that comes up, he tries to link it to the past. He has several stories. I needed an element of mystery around his face that actually conveyed to the viewer that there are a lot of stories with him. The background could be any place in my home. My lLiving room had a wallpaper with a beautiful repetitive pattern. So how do I light his face? I decided to use an Elinchrom Snoot.

A snoot narows a light beam and when used with a grill in front, leaves the face with some dark shadows - this creates an element of mystery (and life is full of it esp. in retrospect).

The depth of field (DOF) was a a little deep, I chose somewhere between f9 and f22, and took some shots. This DOF helped me create a story telling exposure.

The final product had people telling me they were curious to know about his story.

Equipment used :

Canon 1200d

A 50 mm prime lens from Canon f1.8

A Harison Led Light source

An Elinchrom Snoot

A grill at the front of the snoot

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