Award winning photographer - 3 reasons why you should plant flowers

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

I started my journey in photography sometime in 2015, with a DSLR Canon 1200D, and the 55-250mm zoom lens that came with it.

At first, the camera Canon 1200D with a 55-250mm zoom lens looked very intimidating. A few pics, books, and some tutorials later, I decided to create an environment, which would somehow convey a story or probably help me in coming up with situations. I planted some flower seeds.

We always get attracted to flowers, for many reasons, the color, the pattern, repetition, lines inside the petals. They all make them good to look at. Some have awesome fragrance. Sunflowers have seeds arranged in a spiral pattern, probably in a golden ratio/Fibonacci series in them - Nature's way of packing I guess. Even snails carry a spiral on their backs.

Coming back to planting flowers, there were a lot of them growing in my garden, thankfully, and made for a wonderful sight. This kind of 'environment' attracted bees, butterflies, and some butterflies simply came to my garden and mated :).

I have always believed that the combination of the words "pattern + action" made a picture very interesting. It's kinda like how awk programs are structured. It's fascinating how art and software are related.

Let's look at one picture that has won 24/134 awards that I have received on photocrowd

There is a pattern on the butterflies' wings, The butterflies seemed to be in a symmetry (another pattern) and well, they were in action, which satisfies my criteria of an interesting picture. This was on my Tokina 100 mm f2.8 lens. Not exactly a macro, but made the picture so clear that it keeps making me proud all the time.

Another picture that has won some awards is the one below

There is a repetition of petals and seeds. The color is beautiful, the petals have lines on them, and seem to point towards the seemingly inclined butterfly. Inclined (verb) and pattern in a pic. Oh yes, the day was slightly cloudy which left no shadows (important) even towards noon.

Planting flowers is good for nature

Planting flowers could create a great environment for taking pictures

Planting flowers could create an ecosystem for some beautiful creatures to mate

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