Award winning photographer - Ghost of the guitarist

The guitarist passes on.....

The guitar lives on.....

-by Guruprasad


Canon 1200d

A 100 mm macro lens from Tokina f2.8

A guitar

A tripod

Lighting: 2 tubelights (40w each)

This article talks about the award I received with a compliment which has been the best one in my photographic journey so far.

A guitar is a beautiful instrument (that's how I would love to call it). It creates melodious tunes. What does it have? Six strings. Viewing it in a certain way, these strings could be seen as leading lines. But leading lines to where? What is the subject?

It is said that art makes the artist immortal. What if the artist (guitar player) returned as a ghost, to play his guitar because he loved it so much. Such an artist would be my subject.

I put my hand with a guitar pick almost in the middle of the leading lines. The lighting and the camera setting, made my hand look transparent giving a ghostly look. Booo!

ISO 100, Shutter speed 30 seconds, Aperture f/18.

Oh, wait! there are some distractions here, the ring on the finger, some wooden piece at the left corner, and the guitar's bridge (where the strings end).

Lower the camera a little, and the distractions are gone, and what we have is an image of the ghost of the guitarist trying to play the guitar. The ghost image is basically a combination of low but uniform lighting from 2sources and the f stop and shutter speed. It is basically a storytelling exposure.

The above picture won an award on photocrowd and the judge of the competition included this picture in the judges' top 10 (the 7th in top 10) and made this comment which is the best appreciation I have received till date in my photographic journey.

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